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Light Therapy

Levulan Kerastick Photodynamic Therapy

What Levulan PDT Treatment is for
Levulan PDT treatment is for the treatment of actinic keratoses (AK's), rough textured, dry scaly patches on the skin that are caused by excessive exposure to UV light. AK's are most commonly found on the face, scalp, ears, neck, hands, and arms. AK's are the most common precancer and while most remain benign, they have the tendency to develop into squamous cell carcinoma.

What happens during the treatment
PDT treatment is a two-step process.

Step #1: Levulan Kerastick Topical Solution is applied to the AK. The solution is absorbed by the AK cells where it is converted to a chemical that makes the cells extremely sensitive to light. The healthcare professional will then have you wait the recommended time before Step #2.

Step #2: The AK cells are exposed to the BLU-U Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy Illuminator. The reaction that occurs destroys the AK cells. Step #2 usually lasts about 17 minutes.

Why Levulan PDT Treatment might be right for you
Because there is no way to know which AK's will develop into skin cancer, PDT is an excellent option for treating potential pre-cancerous AK's. There is no prescription to fill and no daily medication.

Take note!
You cannot expose the treated lesions to sunlight or other forms of bright light (exam room examination lamps, operating room lamps, tanning bed lights, and household lights at close range such as your TV, tablet, computer, or reading lamps) for at least 48 hours after treatment.


Phototherapy is the use of rays to treat skin conditions by penetrating the skin and slowing the growth of affected cells.

People who benefit from phototherapy typically have the following conditions:

  • psoriasis

  • acne vulgaris

  • eczema

  • dermatitis

  • vitiligo

How the lightbox works:

  1. Undress, put on safety googles, step in, and close the door behind you. 

  2. A nurse or assistant will enter the intensity, length of time, & other information into the machine.

  3. Emerge smiling and dress.

We also offer UV therapy for hands and feet only. 

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